Why should we eliminate toxic behaviour ?

Toxic behaviour damages the online reputation of your game and your community. A bad image can discourage potential investors or even new players. By providing an online gaming service, you commit to protect your users from harmful behaviour.

Pure system provides a professional solution that is fully integrated into the online gaming ecosystem to address your toxicity problem and help you understand gamer behavior.

Our solutions

Behavioural patterns

Pure System analyzes players actions to extract key behavioral traits that can be used and adapts to your game.

This data allows you to create a more profitable matchmaking experience for your users, to identify recurring behaviours or to make decisions on a sanction against a player.

Sanitize community
Cleaning up your community

Banning a player from a community is an important sanction and sends a strong message to other users.

Pure System allows you to manage sanctions and any complaints that may be related to them.

Pure System offers the possibility to find relationships between different accounts.

Track players
Track influential players

With the rise of video streaming solutions, some players are influencing your community, or your eSport structure. Follow these players to avoid any overflow or image problems.

Pure System can alert you in case of unusual behavior of the users you are following.

Involve the community

With Pure System, you can choose to involve the community in the fight against toxic behaviour through the reporting but also the processing of violations through a system of replay of the action in question.

Pure System takes the concept of " tribunal " created by League of Legends and Counter-Strike a step further by offering the possibility for referees to review a scene.